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The Vigilant Vet Racing Team has had a pretty good season so far. Since Steele Creek in Morganton, NC up too Snowshoe, WV this is the race recap.


1 – Win, 3 – Top 5’s,  20 – Top 10’s, 15 – Top 15’s


Steele Creek, in Morganton,NC this would be Allen Carpenters home track. The weather for the AM ATV racers was horrible especially for the Sport Quads. GNCC let the AM riders get about 3 laps in although mostly everyone was only able to get 2 laps in. Richard Little who races a 4×4 in the 4x4C class managed to come out with a 4th place finish in his class, Joseph Bonicelli who ran 19+C finished 7th in his class, Wesley Smith Running 30+ finished 6th place, Allen Carpenter and Rick Zhore finished 9th and 11th in their class, Stacey Treadway Running the Women Amateur 13+ class had a flat tire during her first lap and wasn’t able to finish her race. Sam Lamp running in the PM Vet B class, had better racing conditions than the AM did, Sam Had the best finish thus far bringing home a 1st place in his class.


Big Buck in Union, SC was a very hot day for racing and also the Mechanical bug came back for most of our VVR racers. Richard Little running 4x4C took 6th  place after an accident on his 2nd lap, Tyler Foster Running his 1st GNCC race this year took a manageable 8th place in 19+C Class, Wesley Smith finished 8th, Rick Zhore finished 11th and Rick Proctor finished 13th Sam Lamp finished 14th in  Afternoon race in Vet B.


Limestone 100 in Springville, IN had some good condition for racing .Wesley Smith placed 7th in 30+C, All running in the 35+C Class. Rick Proctor placed 7th, Rick Zhore placed 10th after he got his 1st ever holeshot and Allen Carpenter placed 11th  Sam Fuson’s first race of the year in the Afternoon Vet B finished 12th while Sam Lamp was unable to finish the race.


Loretta Lynn’s in Hurricane Mills, TN Racing on the Famous Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch was a track with a lot of hills climbs both up and down, very little time spent in a field mostly riding under the shadows of the tree throughout the woods. Joseph Bonicelli placed 12th in 19+C class, Wesley Smith Finished 7th place in 30+C class, Rick Proctor, Allen Carpenter and Rick Zhore all running 35+ C class. Rick Proctor finished 9th while Allen Carpenter faced some mechanical issues placed 17th and Rick Zhore who also had mechanical Issues finished 18th, Richard Little running in 4x4C class over came some early trouble on a hill climb that set him back to last place but was able to close in the gap and finished 6th. Sam Fuson running in the Afternoon race in Vet B finished in 7th place.


The Mountaineer Run in Masontown, WV Richard Little’s hometown race was very warm and dusty the track was very rough some said it was rougher than Snowshoe. Tyler Foster finished 11th in 19+C Class, Rick Proctor running 35+ C class finished a season best 5th  place and also got his fist ever GNCC Holeshot.  while Allen Carpenter finished 13th in the same class, Richard Little running 4x4C class finished a Season high as well 3rd place after a solid performance. Sam Lamp finished 13th in Vet B afternoon race after some Mechanical Issues.


The John Penton in Millfield, OH. This race was full of off cambers and ruts thigh high. Tyler Foster running 19+C class finished 9th place, Wesley Smith finished 10th place, Richard Little running 4x4C class finished 7th, Sam Fuson, Allen Carpenter, Rick Zhore, and Rick Proctor all finished 11th 12th 13th and 14th in the 35+C class, Sam Lamp running afternoon Vet B finished 11th.


Snowshoe in Snowshoe, WV one of the roughest and toughest races in the country was one to remember the AM atv’s had a cool and foggy start. Allen Carpenter finished 9th Rick Zhore finished 10th and Rick Proctor finished 13th in the 35+ C class, Richard Little finished 6th in 4x4C class, Sam Lamp placed 9th in the afternoon Vet B class.


This sums up the VVR race report since Steele Creek up to the season break, we will have the Unadilla race report coming soon.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 2014 sponsors that has supported the Vigilant Vet Racing team. Waynesburg Yamaha, 100%, Lone Star Racing, ITP, FLY Racing, GT Thunder, FASST Co., Leatt, HMF, KAhart Designs and Winner’s Choice.

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