Sep 092014

Unadilla, one of the fastest tracks that has some of the biggest jumps in Motocross. But Unadilla, for GNCC Cross-Country, means fast open fields, hill climbs with lots of lines, big tree roots and some fun times as this is the largest turnout on the GNCC tour.

9/6/2014 the Vigilant Vet Racing Crew has been up since 5am putting making some coffee and finding a little snack so their stomach wouldn’t be upset but making sure they don’t eat a lot so they won’t cramp. The weather was nice and cool, the wind was little breezy it was the perfect conditions for racing. The team was helping one another get those final touches on their quads before it was time to line up at 9:30AM to hear the pre-race ceremonies. When the National Anthem gets done playing instead of clapping and cheering all 400+ quads crank on the starter and rev their engines and then you know it’s time to go GNCC racing. Your heart starts to race the adrenaline starts to pump it’s been 2 long months since you heard Rodney Tomblin say those 2 most in-famous words, Tennn Seconds. Rick Zhore placed 17th in 35+, Wesley Smith had a good run placing 7th  in 30+C class, while Richard Little finished 13th in his 4x4C class. Sam lamp finished 5th in the afternoon Vet B class he said “I Had a great time with some great people, the weather was awesome, the turnout was great, but I was a little disappointed that there was no skyshot”. The pictures of the skyshot was being used all week prior to the race, it’s a jump where the racers get almost 40ft+ in the air and racers say you can’t see below you. GNCC decided to take the skyshot out for racer and spectator safety there was a lot of mixed feelings about it being taken out but we support what the GNCC track crew does to ensure the upmost safety of the racers and spectators. The race was successful everyone had a great time. VVR honored 3 veterans prior to the Afternoon ATV race. Sgt. Eric Schwartz, CPL. Jeremy Fontaine and SSgt. Justin Mottoshiski.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 2014 sponsors that has supported the Vigilant Vet Racing team. Waynesburg Yamaha, 100%, Lone Star Racing, ITP, FLY Racing, GT Thunder, FASST Co., Leatt, HMF, KAhart Designs and Winner’s Choice.

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