Sep 222014

Rd 11. Mountain Ridge in Central City, PA.

It was 2011 the last time the GNCC nation was at this track located 3 miles from the Flight 93 Memorial, so this place holds a special place in everyone’s heart. The team arrived Friday night, got some rest and then were up at 7am working and preparing their ATV for the start of the race. Richard Little, Wesley Smith and Sam Lamp were the only ones able to make it to the race. Rick Proctor had a race to spare so he decided to remain with the VVR rig, answer visitor’s questions and work to raise PTSD Awareness.

Wesley Smith 30+ C Finished 8th in his class but suffered from loss of rear brakes after his rotor tore through his guard from a rock pit.

Richard Little 4x4C Finished 9th in his class after he had a tire coming off the bead.

Sam Lamp Vet-B 30+ Finished 10th in his class after losing a lock nut on his upper A-arm.

To put it simple, the VVR team had a rough weekend. The good thing is all of these mechanical issues are easy fixes, but as Sam Lamp says “It’s the small stuff that always bites”. With 2 rounds remaining Richard Little 4x4C is in 3rd place, Wesley Smith 30+C is in 3rd place, In 35+C Rick Proctor is in 6th  Rick Zhore is in 10th Vet B 30+ Sam Lamp is in 8th

Team VVR looks to adjust and go back at it in a few weeks make sure you check back for more updates/ race reports.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 2014 sponsors that has supported the Vigilant Vet Racing team. Waynesburg Yamaha, 100%, Lone Star Racing, ITP, FLY Racing, GT Thunder, FASST Co., Leatt, HMF, KAhart Designs and Winner’s Choice.

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