Oct 102014

Round 12. GNCC Powerline Park, All of Team VVR was getting tired of the dust from the previous races since the start of the 2nd half of the season, well we got our wish we didn’t have any dust but we had to pull out the coats, hoodies and umbrellas cause it was cold and rained the day before the race and during the race. During the AM race, racers Sam Fuson, Richard Little, Wesley Smith and Rick Zhore got the the starting line, once everyone took off started to tackle the the track, about 45min into the race it started to at the time ,we thought was hail, after being educated it was actually called Graupel, (soft hail or snow pellets) is precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on a falling snowflake, forming a 2–5 mm (0.079–0.197 in) ball of rime. So the track got slick very fast, but was fun at the same time, as XC racers most of us would rather be able to slide into a turn rather then having to muscle it, takes less energy but the negative side of that is you have to brake early in some places to ovoid from overshooting your turn

Richard Little Running 4x4C had his best GNCC placing coming in 2nd place after he and 1 other competitor  out of 7 in his class ran 4 laps to complete the race. “I was so excited to run this well, I put brand new ITP tires on the 4×4 tried some new things and it paid off big.”


Richard Little with his 2nd place plaque

Sam Fuson running 40+C coming all the way over from Colorado went home with a 6th place finish. “Had some troubles getting off the line but after that ran great, had a blast hanging out with the team cant wait for next year” Powerline is Sam Fuson’s last race of the 2014 year.


Sam Fuson hitting the mud hole jump

Wesley Smith running 30+C didn’t have the best race, wasn’t able to complete a lap due to mechanical issues, but hopes to rebound come Ironman.


Rick Zhore running 35+C  came in 7th place after a solid run.


Sam Lamp running Vet B 30+ PM race had not so great of a run had some mechanical issue with some programming and went through almost a whole gallon of gas without even doing 1 lap, although he was able to get a lap in he decided it was best to go ahead and call it a day to regroup during the few weeks we have off to find the issue fix it, and get ready for Ironman.


Sam Lamp cashing in some frequent flyer time

So as you can read we are all excited for Ironman. Myself Richard Little, when everyone was talking  about Ironman I was like, oh ok cool, now being in a runner up spot I couldn’t be more excited for this race. Wesley Smith Going into Ironman is holding onto a solid 5th place overall class points,Richard Little in the 4x4C is in 2nd place, Rick Zhore running 35+C is in 7th and Sam Lamp running afternoon Vet B 30+ is holding on to a 7th place. The 2014 VVR team couldn’t ask for much more out of the riders. We are proud and excited for every single one of them. Be sure to stop at the VVR Trailer located along vendor row to say hi or even ask questions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 2014 sponsors that has supported the Vigilant Vet Racing team. Waynesburg Yamaha, 100%, Lone Star Racing, ITP, FLY Racing, GT Thunder, FASST Co., Leatt, HMF, KAhart Designs and Winner’s Choice.

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