Jan 152015

Justin Mottoshiski

Team VVR racer Justin Mottoshiski, from Hillsdale, NY, has been a Combat Engineer on active duty in the Army since 2005. Justin has deployed once to Iraq in 2006 for 15 months and twice to Afghanistan. Justin was struck by 4 IED’s his first time in Afghanistan while conducting route clearance and has had a few shoulder surgeries and multiple injections in his spine to keep him going. Justin is currently a Staff Sergeant serving as a recruiter in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Justin started racing after he returned from his 3rd deployment in 2012. “€œI needed something to take my mind off of work/combat training and deployments that had been going on most of my Army career.” Justin says. Justin met Rick Proctor at his first ever race which was at Unadilla in 2013.  After getting to know Rick for about a year he mentioned how he had noticed some changes as a result of racing. “This is when I first realized that not only could racing be something I did as a hobby but also something that I could use to help others by showing my experiences.” Justin dealt with a lot of death and loss throughout his years in the Army and also through being a leader he has helped many other Soldiers cope that has had hard times in combat and non-combat areas. “€œI think that one thing that Racing has allowed me to do is develop new friendships outside of work€. This has sort of opened my eyes to the world of GNCC racing and XC racing as a whole.”

Justin raced 30+C in GNCC and finished with 2 consecutive top 10’€™s at PA and Ohio last year.  “I also run the NECC (New England Cross Country) series in C vet class and finished 3rd overall in points this past season, winning the last 2 races.” Justin will be on a Kawasaki 450r for 2015.

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