Jan 152015

Phil Kelderman

Team VVR racer Phil Kelderman served in the US Army in the 1st Gulf War as a member of the First Cavalry Division. After 7 years in the military, Phil left active duty with the rank of Staff Sergeant. This will be Phil’s 5th season racing quads! While his primary series is the Iowa IATVHSS, he also races some OMA Nationals and WFO District 17 running in the 50+ class. Last year Phil finished the season in 2nd place in his class with 2 wins and 4 second place finishes. He also recorded two, 4th place finishes in the OMA Nationals and WFO District 17 races.

While attending an Adam McGill racing school last year, Phil met VVR rider Sam Fuson and learned about the organization. “Sam was informing me of everything that VVR does and how they help out other vets” Phil explains, and he knew right then that this was something he wanted to be a part of. In addition to his local races, Phil hopes to run GNCC’s Limestone 100, Ironman and possibly one of the Ohio races. “The Heartland challenge is also a must for 2015. The 2014 Heartland challenge we lost a wheel in the 2nd half and had to be towed in, we lost a lap and were in last place and over an hour down. We fought back all day to end up in 9th place out of 18 teams.”


Q. Where are you from?

A. Originally I grew up in Oskaloosa, Iowa graduated there. Moved to New Mexico in 81’ worked in the oilfields moved back to Iowa till I joined the Army in 86’.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

A. Besides racing??? Lol

Q. What does racing do for you?

A. I guess no matter what is going on in our day to day life going to the races and seeing everyone and just getting on that quad, nothing else gets in. It’s truly the one place I feel at home.

Q. What type of quad do you race?

A. I run a 2008 Ltr450 I bought from Chris Bithell

Q. What are some goals for the 2015 racing season?

A. Well I ended up 2nd in points in my class in our state series so hopefully I’ll be number one in 2015. I was just 9 points out of first. I ended up on the podium at every race with 4-2nd place finishes and 2-1st place finishes. The defending champion has not been beat in 3 years and I had him on his heels at every race, and finally beat him at the last 2 races.

Q. What’s your favorite local and national track?

A. Favorite local is probably Carlisle the same place the Heartland Challenge is ran. National track well I haven’t ran any yet but I did go to the Limestone and it would be great for me being it’s a lot like what we normally run.

Q. Last question what something that you have done before every race?

A. Well I have a cross sticker I had made up that has my brothers initials and the date he passed on my fender. He got me my first dirt bike when I was like 9 and I’ve had handlebars in my hands ever since.  He had a long battle with cancer and never was able to see me race so I always say something special to him because I know he’s watching now and he gets to ride with me. I guess I tap the sticker and tell him to hang on!

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