VVR’s Mission


An estimated 20% of Veterans who served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan are diagnosed with PTSD. That’s 1 out of every 5 troops returning home from a combat zone, and those numbers do not account for the cases that go unreported.

Vigilant Vet, INC (DBA Vigilant Vet Racing) exists to better improve the lives of Veterans, their spouses, families and caregivers who battle the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Education (PTSD Awareness)

Our thoughts are that if a Veteran has to receive therapy to better exist in their environment, society can help by doing what they can to improve/adapt that environment. Stigmas and attitudes toward this condition can be triggering for the Veteran, and their family members for that matter. We aim to eliminate these stigmas as much as possible by pushing PTSD awareness.

Veterans and their families can also benefit from education. While we are not mental health professionals, we can provide approved information to the Vet and help them get to a Department of Veterans Affairs facility or other entity to get some assistance.


PTSD Awareness is our priority, but a close second would be providing resources so that Disabled Veterans can actively participate in recreational activities that will help to restore some of the things that they found were missing when they returned home from combat, active duty, etc. While we are currently focusing on ATV riding/racing with family and friends, we plan to expand into other activities as time goes on and our resources and staff increase.

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