Jan 152015

Richard Little


Team VVR racer Richard Little II,  27 from Morgantown, WV.

Richard was in the Army from 2008 – 2014 as a motor transportation operator with the 630th TC. In 2009 Richard got married to Elizabeth Little who is also from Morgantown, WV. 2 months after his marriage his unit was put on alert and was later deployed to Iraq with the 619th TC under the 36th ID and 732nd CSSB where he routinely transported logistics from northern Iraq to southern Iraq along MSR Tampa. Richard experienced indirect fire several times as he was at over 10 forward operating bases (FOBs) during his time “in country.”

Richard started racing in late 2013 after his cousins asked him to go try it out. “I was hooked”€. Richard saw a post on Facebook about Rick Proctor and another Vet that discussed veterans being helped with PTSD by racing ATVs. “€œThe first time I met everyone during the 2014 season it felt just like a family. I felt safe, I never smiled so much (as I did) being around these vets. It’€™s an honor to be with VVR for a 2nd year and I’€™m so happy to have met everyone and learn what VVR does to help educate people who do not understand PTSD”€.” Richard runs in the Mountain State Hare Scramble (MSHS) where he won the 2014 class championship with TEN 1st place finishes. 2014 was also Richard’s first year racing GNCC where he had four top 5 finishes in the 4×4 C class and ended up finishing 2nd overall in his class. Richard is the Assistant Team Captain for Team VVR and will be racing GNCC this year aboard his 2012 Grizzly 700 EPS FI.

Jan 152015

Justin Mottoshiski

Team VVR racer Justin Mottoshiski, from Hillsdale, NY, has been a Combat Engineer on active duty in the Army since 2005. Justin has deployed once to Iraq in 2006 for 15 months and twice to Afghanistan. Justin was struck by 4 IED’s his first time in Afghanistan while conducting route clearance and has had a few shoulder surgeries and multiple injections in his spine to keep him going. Justin is currently a Staff Sergeant serving as a recruiter in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Justin started racing after he returned from his 3rd deployment in 2012. “€œI needed something to take my mind off of work/combat training and deployments that had been going on most of my Army career.” Justin says. Justin met Rick Proctor at his first ever race which was at Unadilla in 2013.  After getting to know Rick for about a year he mentioned how he had noticed some changes as a result of racing. “This is when I first realized that not only could racing be something I did as a hobby but also something that I could use to help others by showing my experiences.” Justin dealt with a lot of death and loss throughout his years in the Army and also through being a leader he has helped many other Soldiers cope that has had hard times in combat and non-combat areas. “€œI think that one thing that Racing has allowed me to do is develop new friendships outside of work€. This has sort of opened my eyes to the world of GNCC racing and XC racing as a whole.”

Justin raced 30+C in GNCC and finished with 2 consecutive top 10’€™s at PA and Ohio last year.  “I also run the NECC (New England Cross Country) series in C vet class and finished 3rd overall in points this past season, winning the last 2 races.” Justin will be on a Kawasaki 450r for 2015.

Jan 152015

Tyler Foster

Team VVR racer Tyler Foster is from Elkins, WV, currently serves as a Specialist with the 363 MP Company in Grafton, WV and will be deployed to Afghanistan during most of the 2015 GNCC racing season. Tyler has been racing since 2011 and races a 2010 Yamaha YFZ 450x. Why does Tyler race?  “€œI race because it’s such a stress reliever! When you’€™re out there you only have to think about what’s going on in the race and what’s in front of you,  everything just seems to always be better when you are on the quad and in the woods competing against other people. It takes your mind off everything else that’s going on in life whether it’s worrying about work or what bills need paid or anything like that it just all goes away when you’€™re out there.”

“VVR is a great organization for a great cause and I’m proud to be a part of it.” -Tyler Foster

Jan 152015

Phil Kelderman

Team VVR racer Phil Kelderman served in the US Army in the 1st Gulf War as a member of the First Cavalry Division. After 7 years in the military, Phil left active duty with the rank of Staff Sergeant. This will be Phil’s 5th season racing quads! While his primary series is the Iowa IATVHSS, he also races some OMA Nationals and WFO District 17 running in the 50+ class. Last year Phil finished the season in 2nd place in his class with 2 wins and 4 second place finishes. He also recorded two, 4th place finishes in the OMA Nationals and WFO District 17 races.

While attending an Adam McGill racing school last year, Phil met VVR rider Sam Fuson and learned about the organization. “Sam was informing me of everything that VVR does and how they help out other vets” Phil explains, and he knew right then that this was something he wanted to be a part of. In addition to his local races, Phil hopes to run GNCC’s Limestone 100, Ironman and possibly one of the Ohio races. “The Heartland challenge is also a must for 2015. The 2014 Heartland challenge we lost a wheel in the 2nd half and had to be towed in, we lost a lap and were in last place and over an hour down. We fought back all day to end up in 9th place out of 18 teams.”


Q. Where are you from?

A. Originally I grew up in Oskaloosa, Iowa graduated there. Moved to New Mexico in 81’ worked in the oilfields moved back to Iowa till I joined the Army in 86’.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

A. Besides racing??? Lol

Q. What does racing do for you?

A. I guess no matter what is going on in our day to day life going to the races and seeing everyone and just getting on that quad, nothing else gets in. It’s truly the one place I feel at home.

Q. What type of quad do you race?

A. I run a 2008 Ltr450 I bought from Chris Bithell

Q. What are some goals for the 2015 racing season?

A. Well I ended up 2nd in points in my class in our state series so hopefully I’ll be number one in 2015. I was just 9 points out of first. I ended up on the podium at every race with 4-2nd place finishes and 2-1st place finishes. The defending champion has not been beat in 3 years and I had him on his heels at every race, and finally beat him at the last 2 races.

Q. What’s your favorite local and national track?

A. Favorite local is probably Carlisle the same place the Heartland Challenge is ran. National track well I haven’t ran any yet but I did go to the Limestone and it would be great for me being it’s a lot like what we normally run.

Q. Last question what something that you have done before every race?

A. Well I have a cross sticker I had made up that has my brothers initials and the date he passed on my fender. He got me my first dirt bike when I was like 9 and I’ve had handlebars in my hands ever since.  He had a long battle with cancer and never was able to see me race so I always say something special to him because I know he’s watching now and he gets to ride with me. I guess I tap the sticker and tell him to hang on!

Jan 152015

Chad Murray


Team VVR racer Chad Murray, 27, hails from Paragould, Arkansas and is employed as a driver/ heavy equipment operator and mechanic. Chad joined the Army National Guard in 2008 where he has deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom 2009-2010 with the 10/37th. Performing route clearance in the Kandahar Providence, Chad saw extensive combat including an IED and RPG attack on his up-armored vehicle. Chad separated from the Army in 2014 with the rank of Specialist.

For 2015, Chad is racing 2006 Honda 450r and will compete in the AXC series in Arkansas on row 1 in the Pro Class. He wants to run a few GNCC’s in the mid-west, possibly Ironman and Limestone, and also wants to race the Heartland Challenge.

“Racing is my get away from everyday life. I love it and I’m also super excited to be a part of this team.” -Chad Murray

Feb 052014

For 2014, Vigilant Vet Racing will field a 10 member team consisting entirely of Veterans. We decided to implement Team VVR after we discovered that there were already several Veteran racers participating full-time in the GNCC circuit. By forming an official team, we’ve brought Veterans racers together so that they can network, socialize and help each other at the track. Team VVR also serves as a means to further raise PTSD Awareness as members are from all over the country. The Team also gives VVR a larger presence at and around the GNCC track so that we can meet more people and hopefully, more Veterans and their families. Stop by the official Veteran’s Pit Stop to say hello to our racers, learn more about the organization and PTSD within our Veteran Community.

Stay tuned as we are currently working on posting pictures and mini biographies of each of our racers!