Sep 232014
VVR is working with The McGill Mafia to raise funding to send this beautiful angel and her family away to enjoy a show and some time away from the stress they’ve been dealing with. We’re raffling off a Leatt Pro-GPX neck brace and a GoPro Silver Edition camera, ALL proceeds will go to this family. Tickets are $5 a piece, 3 for $10 or an arms length for $20. The drawing will be held at the Ironman GNCC ATV race next month on October 25th.10626640_10203925334606741_318759731439546541_n

PLEASE contact us with questions. If you are unable to attend a GNCC event and buy tickets, I will do what I can to work with you. Ashley and her family have touched our hearts and we want to do what we can to ensure they get a much needed break from all of this without worry of expense. Will you help?
See any of the VVR guys, McGill Mafia members or any GNCC family member who can help you get your donations to us for this beautiful baby.
Feb 192014

Rick Proctor

Executive Director

Vigilant Vet, INC.


For Immediate Release

Vigilant Vet Racing to Debut New Program at 2014 GNCC Opener


Grafton, WV, 2/19/2014: Vigilant Vet Racing is excited to announce the addition of a new program aimed at helping Veterans and current Active Duty Personnel who wish to race in the Grand National Cross Country Race Series’ Saturday (ATV) events. The “Veteran’s Pit Stop” will be an area located trackside that Veterans can use during their race as a pit stop, enjoy the day with their family and also meet other Veterans who participate in off-road riding and/or racing.


The Veteran’s Pit Stop was developed after VVR learned of several Veterans and Active Duty Personnel who wanted to participate in GNCC events last season but stayed home as they had no one to support/help them at the track. The Veteran’s Pit Stop will not only provide these individuals with an area to pit, but also a pit crew to help them during their race. The only requirements are that the Veteran obey all track/GNCC rules, display good sportsmanship, support a family-friendly environment and be onsite to help pit the racers in the other events that day. The official, Vigilant Vet Racing Team will also use the Veteran’s Pit Stop and will be on hand to assist other racers as well.


Slightly Bent Racing ( will also have access to this area as they have volunteered their time and manpower to setup and manage the Veteran’s Pit Stop at every GNCC event. GT Thunder ( has graciously provided EZ-Ups that will be used by the racers to provide shelter for their fuel and gear during races and will also serve as a place for Veterans and their families to congregate during inclement weather.


If you are a Veteran or are currently serving on Active Duty and would like to join us at the Veteran’s Pit Stop, please email us at or to register. Those without support at the track will be given first priority for pit assistance however, we encourage everyone to stop by to hang out and socialize. If you are not a Veteran, stop by anyway to thank our Veterans for their service and learn a little more about Vigilant Vet and its mission!


Vigilant Vet Racing is a nonprofit organization who raises PTSD Awareness and introduces Veterans to offroad riding and/or racing as an alternative form of “therapy.”