Oct 102014

Round 12. GNCC Powerline Park, All of Team VVR was getting tired of the dust from the previous races since the start of the 2nd half of the season, well we got our wish we didn’t have any dust but we had to pull out the coats, hoodies and umbrellas cause it was cold and rained the day before the race and during the race. During the AM race, racers Sam Fuson, Richard Little, Wesley Smith and Rick Zhore got the the starting line, once everyone took off started to tackle the the track, about 45min into the race it started to at the time ,we thought was hail, after being educated it was actually called Graupel, (soft hail or snow pellets) is precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on a falling snowflake, forming a 2–5 mm (0.079–0.197 in) ball of rime. So the track got slick very fast, but was fun at the same time, as XC racers most of us would rather be able to slide into a turn rather then having to muscle it, takes less energy but the negative side of that is you have to brake early in some places to ovoid from overshooting your turn

Richard Little Running 4x4C had his best GNCC placing coming in 2nd place after he and 1 other competitor  out of 7 in his class ran 4 laps to complete the race. “I was so excited to run this well, I put brand new ITP tires on the 4×4 tried some new things and it paid off big.”


Richard Little with his 2nd place plaque

Sam Fuson running 40+C coming all the way over from Colorado went home with a 6th place finish. “Had some troubles getting off the line but after that ran great, had a blast hanging out with the team cant wait for next year” Powerline is Sam Fuson’s last race of the 2014 year.


Sam Fuson hitting the mud hole jump

Wesley Smith running 30+C didn’t have the best race, wasn’t able to complete a lap due to mechanical issues, but hopes to rebound come Ironman.


Rick Zhore running 35+C  came in 7th place after a solid run.


Sam Lamp running Vet B 30+ PM race had not so great of a run had some mechanical issue with some programming and went through almost a whole gallon of gas without even doing 1 lap, although he was able to get a lap in he decided it was best to go ahead and call it a day to regroup during the few weeks we have off to find the issue fix it, and get ready for Ironman.


Sam Lamp cashing in some frequent flyer time

So as you can read we are all excited for Ironman. Myself Richard Little, when everyone was talking  about Ironman I was like, oh ok cool, now being in a runner up spot I couldn’t be more excited for this race. Wesley Smith Going into Ironman is holding onto a solid 5th place overall class points,Richard Little in the 4x4C is in 2nd place, Rick Zhore running 35+C is in 7th and Sam Lamp running afternoon Vet B 30+ is holding on to a 7th place. The 2014 VVR team couldn’t ask for much more out of the riders. We are proud and excited for every single one of them. Be sure to stop at the VVR Trailer located along vendor row to say hi or even ask questions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 2014 sponsors that has supported the Vigilant Vet Racing team. Waynesburg Yamaha, 100%, Lone Star Racing, ITP, FLY Racing, GT Thunder, FASST Co., Leatt, HMF, KAhart Designs and Winner’s Choice.

Sep 222014

Rd 11. Mountain Ridge in Central City, PA.

It was 2011 the last time the GNCC nation was at this track located 3 miles from the Flight 93 Memorial, so this place holds a special place in everyone’s heart. The team arrived Friday night, got some rest and then were up at 7am working and preparing their ATV for the start of the race. Richard Little, Wesley Smith and Sam Lamp were the only ones able to make it to the race. Rick Proctor had a race to spare so he decided to remain with the VVR rig, answer visitor’s questions and work to raise PTSD Awareness.

Wesley Smith 30+ C Finished 8th in his class but suffered from loss of rear brakes after his rotor tore through his guard from a rock pit.

Richard Little 4x4C Finished 9th in his class after he had a tire coming off the bead.

Sam Lamp Vet-B 30+ Finished 10th in his class after losing a lock nut on his upper A-arm.

To put it simple, the VVR team had a rough weekend. The good thing is all of these mechanical issues are easy fixes, but as Sam Lamp says “It’s the small stuff that always bites”. With 2 rounds remaining Richard Little 4x4C is in 3rd place, Wesley Smith 30+C is in 3rd place, In 35+C Rick Proctor is in 6th  Rick Zhore is in 10th Vet B 30+ Sam Lamp is in 8th

Team VVR looks to adjust and go back at it in a few weeks make sure you check back for more updates/ race reports.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 2014 sponsors that has supported the Vigilant Vet Racing team. Waynesburg Yamaha, 100%, Lone Star Racing, ITP, FLY Racing, GT Thunder, FASST Co., Leatt, HMF, KAhart Designs and Winner’s Choice.

Sep 092014

Unadilla, one of the fastest tracks that has some of the biggest jumps in Motocross. But Unadilla, for GNCC Cross-Country, means fast open fields, hill climbs with lots of lines, big tree roots and some fun times as this is the largest turnout on the GNCC tour.

9/6/2014 the Vigilant Vet Racing Crew has been up since 5am putting making some coffee and finding a little snack so their stomach wouldn’t be upset but making sure they don’t eat a lot so they won’t cramp. The weather was nice and cool, the wind was little breezy it was the perfect conditions for racing. The team was helping one another get those final touches on their quads before it was time to line up at 9:30AM to hear the pre-race ceremonies. When the National Anthem gets done playing instead of clapping and cheering all 400+ quads crank on the starter and rev their engines and then you know it’s time to go GNCC racing. Your heart starts to race the adrenaline starts to pump it’s been 2 long months since you heard Rodney Tomblin say those 2 most in-famous words, Tennn Seconds. Rick Zhore placed 17th in 35+, Wesley Smith had a good run placing 7th  in 30+C class, while Richard Little finished 13th in his 4x4C class. Sam lamp finished 5th in the afternoon Vet B class he said “I Had a great time with some great people, the weather was awesome, the turnout was great, but I was a little disappointed that there was no skyshot”. The pictures of the skyshot was being used all week prior to the race, it’s a jump where the racers get almost 40ft+ in the air and racers say you can’t see below you. GNCC decided to take the skyshot out for racer and spectator safety there was a lot of mixed feelings about it being taken out but we support what the GNCC track crew does to ensure the upmost safety of the racers and spectators. The race was successful everyone had a great time. VVR honored 3 veterans prior to the Afternoon ATV race. Sgt. Eric Schwartz, CPL. Jeremy Fontaine and SSgt. Justin Mottoshiski.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 2014 sponsors that has supported the Vigilant Vet Racing team. Waynesburg Yamaha, 100%, Lone Star Racing, ITP, FLY Racing, GT Thunder, FASST Co., Leatt, HMF, KAhart Designs and Winner’s Choice.

Sep 082014

The Vigilant Vet Racing Team has had a pretty good season so far. Since Steele Creek in Morganton, NC up too Snowshoe, WV this is the race recap.


1 – Win, 3 – Top 5’s,  20 – Top 10’s, 15 – Top 15’s


Steele Creek, in Morganton,NC this would be Allen Carpenters home track. The weather for the AM ATV racers was horrible especially for the Sport Quads. GNCC let the AM riders get about 3 laps in although mostly everyone was only able to get 2 laps in. Richard Little who races a 4×4 in the 4x4C class managed to come out with a 4th place finish in his class, Joseph Bonicelli who ran 19+C finished 7th in his class, Wesley Smith Running 30+ finished 6th place, Allen Carpenter and Rick Zhore finished 9th and 11th in their class, Stacey Treadway Running the Women Amateur 13+ class had a flat tire during her first lap and wasn’t able to finish her race. Sam Lamp running in the PM Vet B class, had better racing conditions than the AM did, Sam Had the best finish thus far bringing home a 1st place in his class.


Big Buck in Union, SC was a very hot day for racing and also the Mechanical bug came back for most of our VVR racers. Richard Little running 4x4C took 6th  place after an accident on his 2nd lap, Tyler Foster Running his 1st GNCC race this year took a manageable 8th place in 19+C Class, Wesley Smith finished 8th, Rick Zhore finished 11th and Rick Proctor finished 13th Sam Lamp finished 14th in  Afternoon race in Vet B.


Limestone 100 in Springville, IN had some good condition for racing .Wesley Smith placed 7th in 30+C, All running in the 35+C Class. Rick Proctor placed 7th, Rick Zhore placed 10th after he got his 1st ever holeshot and Allen Carpenter placed 11th  Sam Fuson’s first race of the year in the Afternoon Vet B finished 12th while Sam Lamp was unable to finish the race.


Loretta Lynn’s in Hurricane Mills, TN Racing on the Famous Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch was a track with a lot of hills climbs both up and down, very little time spent in a field mostly riding under the shadows of the tree throughout the woods. Joseph Bonicelli placed 12th in 19+C class, Wesley Smith Finished 7th place in 30+C class, Rick Proctor, Allen Carpenter and Rick Zhore all running 35+ C class. Rick Proctor finished 9th while Allen Carpenter faced some mechanical issues placed 17th and Rick Zhore who also had mechanical Issues finished 18th, Richard Little running in 4x4C class over came some early trouble on a hill climb that set him back to last place but was able to close in the gap and finished 6th. Sam Fuson running in the Afternoon race in Vet B finished in 7th place.


The Mountaineer Run in Masontown, WV Richard Little’s hometown race was very warm and dusty the track was very rough some said it was rougher than Snowshoe. Tyler Foster finished 11th in 19+C Class, Rick Proctor running 35+ C class finished a season best 5th  place and also got his fist ever GNCC Holeshot.  while Allen Carpenter finished 13th in the same class, Richard Little running 4x4C class finished a Season high as well 3rd place after a solid performance. Sam Lamp finished 13th in Vet B afternoon race after some Mechanical Issues.


The John Penton in Millfield, OH. This race was full of off cambers and ruts thigh high. Tyler Foster running 19+C class finished 9th place, Wesley Smith finished 10th place, Richard Little running 4x4C class finished 7th, Sam Fuson, Allen Carpenter, Rick Zhore, and Rick Proctor all finished 11th 12th 13th and 14th in the 35+C class, Sam Lamp running afternoon Vet B finished 11th.


Snowshoe in Snowshoe, WV one of the roughest and toughest races in the country was one to remember the AM atv’s had a cool and foggy start. Allen Carpenter finished 9th Rick Zhore finished 10th and Rick Proctor finished 13th in the 35+ C class, Richard Little finished 6th in 4x4C class, Sam Lamp placed 9th in the afternoon Vet B class.


This sums up the VVR race report since Steele Creek up to the season break, we will have the Unadilla race report coming soon.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 2014 sponsors that has supported the Vigilant Vet Racing team. Waynesburg Yamaha, 100%, Lone Star Racing, ITP, FLY Racing, GT Thunder, FASST Co., Leatt, HMF, KAhart Designs and Winner’s Choice.

Mar 252014

Some of you may read this report and wonder who we are and why a group of mostly “C” riders spend their time and money in the highly competitive world of the GNCC. However, take a peek into life at the new Veteran’s Pit Stop and the not-so-obvious story there quickly overshadows all the awards and podium celebrations we could imagine.

 Team VVR Race Report for Rounds 1 & 2 of the 2014 GNCC Season

 Finally, the 2014 AMSOIL GNCC season is in full swing, which means we are back to racing and hopefully on our way out of what’s been a very long winter. The first 2 Rounds were only a week apart and unfortunately, most of Team VVR fell victim to mechanical issues so we’re going to combine both events into one, Pulitzer Prize-worthy Race Report!

A VVR t-shirt sighting at Epcot.

A VVR t-shirt sighting at Epcot.

A blowout on the Interstate makes things interesting.

A blowout on the Interstate makes things interesting.







Vigilant Vet Racing had a rough start to our 10-day journey into the Deep South as about an hour into our trip the VVR race trailer experienced its first-ever flat tire. Actually, as you can see above “flat tire” is putting it kind of mildly. It had been an extremely long and exhausting week leading up to Round 1 so it’s only natural that something like this would happen. All was well, however, once we finally arrived at the first venue of the 2014 GNCC race season and were back in the presence of the GNCC Racing Family.

Round 1 took us Bunnell, FL for the inaugural 2014 Moose Racing Mud Mucker GNCC. This was a pretty big event for GNCC and the sport of XC racing as the location of the track is only 30 minutes north of Daytona where Bike Week had just kicked off AND the Monster Energy Supercross was in town. Several big-name vendors, sponsors and rider reps showed up at the Mud Mucker to see what GNCC racing is all about. In fact, this aligning of the stars gave VVR the opportunity to shake the hand of one of our biggest supporters, Bevo Forti of 100% Goggles. 100% is the official goggle of Team VVR and they supply the goggles and other swag that we present to select Veterans during the Vigilant Vet/100% Goggle Giveaway prior to the start of each 1pm Pro ATV event. They have been behind us from the beginning and their continued support is invaluable.

Round 1 was also the first time that some of the members of Team VVR got to meet and work with each other. Seven teammates showed up to blow off some steam on the track, have fun and raise PTSD awareness. While Sam Lamp, Wesley Smith, Mitchell Bonicelli, Allen Carpenter and Richard Little all finished in the top 10 in their class, all of us experienced some sort of mechanical or technical failure, which prevented most of us from completing the number of laps we are used to.

A rare, quiet picture of the VVR/GT Thunder Veteran's Pit Stop.

A rare, quiet picture of the VVR/GT Thunder Veteran’s Pit Stop.

Rounds 1 & 2 were pretty awesome!

Rounds 1 & 2 were pretty awesome!







One very short week following the Florida event and we were gearing up for Round 2, the Maxxis General. The General is held at Aonia Pass MX Park in Washington, GA where the infamous red Georgia clay abounds. The same 7 members of Team VVR showed up to give Round 2’s track their best. The first two rounds of the season typically present a unique situation due to the short amount of time between the races. As a result, most of us do not have the luxury going home to fix equipment issues.

Once again, the entire team experienced some type of mechanical issue in Florida and did not have access to the tools and parts to properly fix our bikes. Zhorne and Little’s quad both took a huge gulp of Florida sand that made it’s way into the carbs on their machines. Sam Lamp was experiencing some significant electrical difficulties on his YFZ and was forced to bow out of the afternoon race on the first lap. All in all, the race results were pretty similar to Florida however this time only Wesley Smith and Richard Little finished in the top 10 in their class.


For 10 days, 7 complete strangers gathered to not only participate in a sport we all love, but to build new friendships, fill in gaps created after leaving the military and in some cases, heal. Teammates could be seen working on each other’s quads, sharing tools, trailers and smiling as they conversed without worrying that they’ll offend someone or be misunderstood.

After burying his quad in 4’ of water in Florida, one VVR racer looked up with a huge smile and said, “I don’t care, I’m still having the time of my life.” Similarly, Richard Little told us that “it felt great to race in Florida and I couldn’t have asked for a better day”…. AFTER his LTZ400 quit on him just 3 miles into the race.

Some of us in Team VVR have PTSD and ride and race as therapy, some of us don’t have PTSD but love to race and want to support our fellow Veterans. Regardless of health issues or military service history, the truth is that life every Veteran is different after leaving the military. Luckily, GNCC Racing has brought us to common ground once again and whether we race for therapy or recreation, for us with PTSD it’s nice to finally have something to look forward to.

Thanks to the following 2014 Team VVR sponsors- Waynesburg Yamaha, 100%, Lone Star Racing, ITP, FLY Racing, GT Thunder, FASST Co., Leatt, HMF, KAhart Designs and Winner’s Choice. Without their help we would not be able to enjoy the sport that we love.

Vigilant Vet is a nonprofit organization benefiting Disabled Veterans by spreading PTSD Awareness and introducing the sport of off-road riding and/or racing as an alternative means to address their PTSD symptoms. Vigilant Vet is registered as a nonprofit with the State of West Virginia and is currently pursing 501c(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service of the Federal Government.

Sep 242013

Round 11 was held in beautiful Foxburg, PA to race on a track that is brand new to the GNCC circuit. All I can say is, WOW, what a weekend. First, this is a part of PA that my wife and I had never been so we traveled to Foxburg a couple days early to give ourselves a little extra time to explore. We stayed at the Foxburg Inn which is nestled right on the banks of the Allegheny river and offers absolutely stunning views from just about anywhere on the property. The place is so peaceful that I almost hated to see the racers and fans show up that weekend. Again, “almost.”

After a couple of days of R&R, we got back to work on Friday when we were treated to an awesome experience thanks to Jen Kenyon and GNCC. Jen invited Vigilant Vet Racing to go with her and a few pro riders to visit Clarion High School and AC Valley School District and talk to the students about teamwork, the importance of never quitting and  bullying. VVR racer Brandon Rumbaugh was able to attend and brought his adapted YFZ450 for the students to see. You could literally hear a pin drop while Brandon spoke to the students about his injuries and how he has not allowed them to hold him back in life. Brandon even rode a lap around the football field at AC Valley while the crowd of students, K-12, went wild. It was a very rewarding experience that we hope to continue to take part in. As if Friday wasn’t exciting enough, we still had a race to run on Saturday morning! This was a historical day for Vigilant Vet Racing and emotions ran high as Brandon Rumbaugh made his GNCC debut, running in the First Year Racer class during the 10am race. Just like every other first-timer, Brandon was pretty nervous prior to the start and the weather conditions weren’t helping. In fact, I think it is pretty safe to say that this race was basically the 2013 Mammoth (Version 2.0) as Mother Nature decided to open the floodgates once again. However, just like with every obstacle he’s faced, Brandon rolled with the punches and went out and completed 1.5 laps before mechanical issues sent him back to the trailer. Even though his machine ran into some issues, Brandon was all smiles after the race and we hope to have an interview & race recap with him posted soon.

VVR racer Sam Lamp didn’t allow a little rain slow him down, as he rode his 2012 YFZ450 to a second place finish. Sam is currently leading the 30+ Vet C class in points with 2 races remaining in the 2013 GNCC Racing season.

As for me, my race ended after 1.5 laps due to mechanical issues, just like Brandon. Even though I was pretty disappointed, there was no way a black cloud could hang over my head during this weekend. Figuratively speaking of course…..

-Rick Proctor