Resources for Veterans


ATTENTION: If you are in a state of crisis and/or are thinking of hurting yourself or others, please do one of the following: Call 911; Visit the nearest urgent care facility or emergency room; Call the Veterans Crisis Hotline @ 1-800-273-8255 and press 1; or call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline @ 1-800-273-8255. I am NOT a mental health professional and I do not have the training, education or credentials to provide you with the proper care. I am a disabled Veteran trying to help other Veterans by sharing resources that I have found on the Internet or that have been referred to me by someone else.


I realize that many of you will cut right to the chase and visit this blog post first. That’s great, that’s why I am doing this; to try to provide you information and help you. Like I said above, I am not a mental health professional. I’m a normal Joe just trying to do my part.. If you feel up to it, visit my other blog posts on this site and see what it is that I am up to.

This is the section of the blog in which I will be providing helpful links and resources for Veterans and/or their friends and families to learn about PTSD as well as places to go for help. Once I find information, read over it, check credentials, etc., I will post it on this thread. As of now, I’m going at this alone (although I imagine that will be changing in the near future) so please do not think that my slowness is due to my lack of caring or not understanding the importance and urgency of these issues. I simply want to ensure that I am posting useful, legitimate content composed or provided by a qualified individual. To do this, I need to read, check and double-check the content of each website or other resource as well as the contact and/or author. I will not post garbage on here, especially from anyone trying to make a quick buck.

***If you are a qualified health-care provider who would like to contribute to the content of this site or possibly be a guest blogger, please contact me via email and provide a brief summary of what you would like to do as well as your credentials.***

***If you are a Veteran, family member or friend of a Vet, etc. and want to refer a website, contact information or other resources please feel free to email me or comment on one of my blog posts. Or better yet, stop and see me at the races!***


-> National Center for PTSD Tons of information regarding PTSD, clinical studies and treatment options.Please notice the “Where to Get Help for PTSD” button in red.

-> A wealth of information but more importantly, this site has many tools for you to use to learn about post-traumatic stress, it’s characteristics, triggers, etc. This site isn’t limited to just PTSD, it has information for all types of issues and other topics you may encounter when you get home. Check this site out.

-> Wounded Warrior Project I’m sure you have heard of this organization. If not, check it out and registered. These folks are up to all kinds of good stuff and they have a proven track record.

-> Paving the Road Back An interesting and quite unique blog written by Dr. Rod Deaton, a VA psychiatrist, sharing his experiences with clientele (anonymously of course). I personally found this helpful as I often wonder how others experience PTSD and the perceptions of us by our providers.

-> Family of a Vet Awesome website with tons of resources, links, blogs, etc. for the entire family. I even read a blog post about a child’s perception of living with a father with PTSD.


Until I find a better way, I will continue to post resources in this format.